Merchant Services

Affordable services for small to medium size companies selling across single and multiple point of sale.

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Hosted Services

Use our facilities to leverage your brand presence with open source services.

Entice customers to make a purchase by the use of a web application that lets the merchant add and manage products or services in their store.

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Enterprise Services

Bitsoko can be integrated with the host website to provide the merchant with a scalable and easy to manage platform system.

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Loyalty Points

You can customize the rewards by awarding your customers points upon visiting, sharing or even making purchases at your store.

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Promotions & Subscriptions

This feature will help you keep track of your customers in realtime as you will receive alerts every time you get a new subscriber.

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Orders & Deliveries

Give your customers the ecommerce experience by providing an efficient delivery option.

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Inventory Management

Update the list of products and prices and keep all your subscribers in the know.


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Customers Feedback

Users are able to submit feedback easily

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This feature lets merchants keep track and pay for their bills in a simple and organized way.

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Narra LED Sign

Aims to help merchants appeal to their new and existing customers using signs to broadcast custom unique messages to passers-by as well as providing an effective mobile marketing service.

Unique Features:
  • Narra enables a merchant alter the content displayed on the signs as often are required.
  • Keep track of your assets using an outdoor sign!
  • Since the sign is portable, it is therefore fully reusable.